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Industry: Health, Wellness, Fitness, Exercise, Aquatics, Swim, Lifeguard ACAC''s continuing mission is to offer the best multi-purpose fitness and wellness facilities in America. We do this by providing Outstanding Customer Service that surpasses that of any other fitness club, large or small. acac''s six Fitness & Wellness Centers, located in two states, are privately owned and professionally-managed facilities that offer its members individually-tailored health and wellness services. Our comprehensive state-of-the-art facilities consist of world class fitness systems complemented by vast aquatics areas, extensive group exercise classes, strength training and mind/body programs, on-site cafes, and children fitness and learning programs. acac''s commitment to it members is promoted by an ongoing professional development and safety training program for all acac team members. We are now looking to add an Aquatics Swim Lesson Instructor to our team.
Reporting to the Aquatics Director, the Swim Lesson Instructor conducts swim lessons for acac members and guests in private, semi-private and group settings using specified guidelines provided by the acac Fitness and Wellness Centers. He/she keeps children in swim lessons under constant control and scrutiny for safety. The Instructor also keeps proper attendance records and schedules makeup classes for individuals based on acac's policy. The Instructor teaches children so that they progress effectively to higher levels of training. The following is a representative list of duties and responsibilities associated with this position:
1. Supervise all attendees while conducting lessons.
2. Remain competent in administering the Safety Action plan and assure that you are "on guard" and prepared for an emergency.
3. Participate in mandatory team meetings for continued education.
4. Be friendly to team and members and helpful in all situations.
5. Find a substitute for your lessons and notify management of the instructor change. Do not rely on Aquatics Directors find a substitute for your class.
6. Gather, use, and return all equipment, toys, and floats for use during your lessons.
7. Report any problems with equipment or any dangerous conditions in the facility to the Aquatics Director.
8. Keep the Aquatics Director informed of any problems or concerns regarding the operation of swim lessons.
9. Stay abreast of additions and/or cancellations of swim lessons.
10. Know what programs are offered and provide proper guidance to members.
1. Display a consistently positive attitude towards members, team, job tasks and club philosophy.
2. Actively promote and sell memberships, programs and club products. Represent acac at corporate and community events and functions as requested.
3. Enforce and uphold the spirit of the rules & regulations of the club in all instances.
4. Solve problems quickly and efficiently in both the club''s and member''s best interest.
5. Stay aware of membership trends and attitudes and alert Aquatics Director of any perceptible changes.
6. Attend all-team meetings and other meetings as requested.
7. Understand that club cleanliness is a top priority for all members; therefore assist wherever necessary to keep the club spotless.
8. Create and maintain a reputation for credibility and integrity with all members and team.
9. Acquire and maintain necessary certifications.
10. Arrange for substitute coverage when unable to work scheduled shift. Act as sub for other fitness specialists when requested.
11. Participate in various pool classes and activities to learn, grow, and explore interests.
12. Be prepared to recommend the next level/phase of swimming for participants.
1. Maintain the facility equipment in a safe, working, clean and attractive condition.
2. Inform Aquatics Director of supply needs.

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